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What comes next…

Presenting #Art_In_Context – a project which presents five female artists from Breda in eye-catching interior context. The idea behind the project is to raise once again the topic of the unbreakable connection between art and interior design.

April – June
The history of the Artist’s Book and what lies behind this type of artwork. Coming soon from April 2 on the 5new website.

Before and after summer vacation
Catalogs as a form of preserving cultural heritage and complementing the socio-cultural historical narrative.

In autumn with a song? NO! In the fall with a VIDEO ART program ONLY ON THE 5new WEBSITE.
How and why to buy digital art? How to collect and preserve digital art samples. Video art for direct redemption.

PRESENTING Dutch Contemporary art spring / summer 2023

We start with the series of presenting on the 5new platform Dutch Contemporary Art, created by female artists.
Our first selection in this series is Lieseth Godrie from Breda (NL) See here story in the podcast #Art_Match_Makers