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What comes next…

By the end of the year 2022 we will stay dedicated to the Art history and the Cultural heritage topic with the art works from the lovely vivid miniature collection of fine art by Boris Gorinov. The pieces are On the market page and ready for your direct purchase!! To have such a treasure is amazing feeling and opportunity. See more


– for institutions, professionals, experts and private bodies.
Given the above, we would like to encourage you to share with us by the end of Dec ’22 the stories behind your private or non-private art collections. Send us your comments as an attachment (with or without images) of your collection at artpodcast [at] 5new.org , via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger on the questions:

  • Which was your first art work purchase and when? How did you choose it and why? Who is the author, is it dated, what is the size…?
  • Would you like to become an art collector, if you are not yet and what is stopping you, what more you need to be one?
  • How many art works would you like to have or already have in your home / office? Is it enough for you, or too little or perhaps too much…?

Tell us everything else that you would like to share with other like minded art lovers and we will make bilingual free of charge publication of your story in our blog and among our public channels. That could give you a later on further recognition of your current or future collection and potentially rise its value up significantly. For inspiration see the example video stories below.