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5 new Values

We firmly believe that Bulgarian Art is not simply lingering in the comfort of its historical heritage but it is gazing boldly into the future. The saturated layers and new dimensions within the artistic projects of contemporary artists from Bulgaria inspired us to create an independent platform for their popularization and promotion.

The website is built with the intention to offer freedom of expression in a contemporary and distinct manner – one which is fresher, more accessible and spontaneous. The art market in Bulgaria has been self encapsulated thus creating a need for new approaches towards the broader public. The nature of our partnership with the artists creates a community within the virtual space. This ecosystem is established on the basis of responsibility and professionalism not only towards the style of presenting art itself, but also in the deliberate approach to make it more accessible for people that are excluded for some reason  at that point or limited in their choices. Our care and efforts are directed equally towards the artists, our partners and collectors. With the 5new platform we dare everyone to approach art outside the generally established rules.

We’ve created an environment where our artists have the opportunity to experiment and push themselves to explore new ways in which to communicate with both highly discerning as well as beginner enthusiasts. In our field, the viewer is commonly placed in the less privileged position. They often rely on the integrity of communication, therefore the immediate contact with the audience is key in the present-day. In order to bring this to reality we have created a blog and podcast where everybody can further explore and immerse themselves in  artistic topics, along with getting acquainted with artists in an authentic and spontaneous manner.

We aim to be loyal and optimistic towards the future generation, therefore we consider our duty to introduce and follow the current trends and be open towards the new opportunities and resources of the world today. We are occasionally inviting foreign artists that have caught our attention with their talent and have brought inspiration to our work.

Our glance into the future does not mean that we deny the success of popular authors, those who have reached the peak of their carriers through their own efforts and craft. We owe them the world, as they have provided us with the direction of searching for self-improvement and critique.

They say that fortune favours the brave. That might be true, however when it comes to the most important questions, we don’t ever leave that to fate.  In that endeavor  we count heavily on you – the public. Be curious and active! Don’t hesitate to contact us, to ask us questions in regards to art or anything else that is on your mind:

–   You might be hesitating for the purchase of your first art piece?

–   Even whether a particular painting is going to match your favorite chair?

–   You are pondering the ever present question: What is the place of art in humanity?

For these questions and other topics related to our practice and service you can use the contact form.