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5new for Spaces

5new curates spaces with specially selected art works by the artists who present on 5new web site.
If you have some empty walls, you might want to call us. We would love to find the perfect match to your space and we will make it look great according to your needs!

Many shops are promoting interior decoration but usually it is neither unique nor so favorable. Often customers are giving a lot of money for something without any value. This speaks to the public, to the visitors of your office or building. They can catch up your image in a wrng way if you don’t pay attantion to the details in teh space. Especially if you have reception, or another venue for long stay. Nowadays we spend many hours in closed spaces. There are many proves now that well decorated environment is increasing the motivation and the level of happy hormons. If you think of your home or business space as a visible face, you would want the best care for it. One possibility to make it look astonishing, no matter if your goal is aesthinque pleasure, provocation or just a coloring motive, is to bid on original art, made by profesional artists. The great news is that with 5new you are on the right place because we are working with some of the best artists in Bulgaria.

For more information and concreet offers you can contact us on Whats App +31686267024.

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