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What comes next…

With 5new #ArtAgainstTheRules it’s always time for art. Here is what we have prepared for 2022

  • The winds picked up #PinkCloudBlast and blew towards Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad and Sofia. We will tell you what kind of weather to expect from the Pink Cloud at the end of this month!
  • The services that 5new offers have also expanded. To the package we added: Consultations when buying art; Archiving and curating of private collections; Preparation of professional catalogs and portfolios. See all services here.
  • 5new becomes even more accessible with descriptions of the artworks for visually impaired audiences. Follow our video and audio stories on the YouTube channel and Spotify profile of the #Art_Match_Makers Podcast. There we will continue to tell you about the connection between interior design and art in the series with Femke Baten Studio as well.
  • “Art piece for 1 BGN!!!” – a special auction that will be held in the Autumn / Winter of 2022. In it you will have the opportunity to bid for an artwork of high collector’s value. This initiative is a challenge to you and to the art especially selected by 5new. For us, auctions are a game and we want to keep that spirit. We will announce the names of our outstanding artists at the beginning of the summer.

5new becomes even more accessible. New stories created for the visually impaired public, only in 5new’s podcast
5new’s services pack is growing.
Learn more in the 5new Services section below.
“Art piece for 1 BGN!!!” – special auction. To be expected after the summer vacation.