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About us

5new – art against the rules

5new is a platform for auctions for contemporary art. Our cause is to spread the word and make art even more accessible. Every month we choose to present established and young promising artists from Bulgaria and abroad. They show their artworks, selected specifically for each auction.

The platform is designed in an intuitive and encouraging manner. The intention is to release you from the burden of endless wandering in cyberspace. Our team of professionals makes sure that your experience is fruitful and unforgettable. Signing in is very simple so come along and play with art.

The main focus of the platform are the Bulgarian artists of the last generations. We believe in their talent and we make their promotion our mission. Over the course of the year we are showing their impressive artworks that unveil their artistic world. To meet and to connect with art is now completely immediate. Just like meeting a good friend


Rada Yakova – art director

Graduated in graphic design and advertising at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. With her diploma she won an award for creativity from “Scholz and Friend”, Zurich. Since 2009 she has decided to dedicate herself entirely to art. Rada Yakova lives in the Netherlands where she works for the Royal Art Gallery – Mauritzhaus in The Hague. With the organisation she is organizing cultural events for the international community. It is dedicated to the idea of ​​involving more people in art. To spread this idea, she includes in her work different social and age groups. 

A rebel by nature, she seeks untrodden paths. Rada applies its experience in new models of art acquaintance established in Europe, but still new for Bulgaria

Petya Chalakova – curator

Petya has been actively working in the field of art since 2008, when she started as a gallery curator in Sofia. Since then she has participated in the organization of a number of events and worked on various social and artistic projects. Graduated in doctoral studies at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia under the program of “Digital Arts” in 2019. Her academic interests are in the field of Critical Theory, Sociology of Everyday Life, Eco-Semiotics, Museology and others.

Amy Chapman – creative producer & innovator

Amy is an angel investor and entrepreneur with deep roots in arts, culture and entertainment.  Her journey includes organizing numerous art exhibitions, fundraising events, and musical performances in the United States and Europe.  She has also worked in Film & TV productions with Hollywood greats like Meryl Streep and Steve Buscemi.   Drawing inspiration from her family’s artistic heritage she further explored her creativity by investing in the production and innovation of new music and videos (some of which are currently rotating on MTV US).   Today, she promotes and manages the talent of exceptional artists and musicians into robust and fulfilling careers.

A strong belief that Amy holds is to eradicate the “starving artist” paradigm so that no creative child will ever be discouraged.  Using new innovative technology like NFTs, Amy’s mission is to give power back to the creators. 

For the past few years, Petya, Rada and Amy have lived and worked in Bulgaria, Netherlands and US, where the idea for 5new originated – an online open space where talented Bulgarian artists can show to the whole world their works in an independent and professional context.