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– All the things you never expect to happen to you

This month’s 5new auction is dedicated to urban culture and in order to make it properly multifaceted, we have invited five authors, strongly connected with the city and its cultural oddities. From architecture, through collage, to urban cycling life, in search of entertainment, captured moments of social relations, to the Asian anthropo and zoomorphic chaos – all this is the urban culture that is served to us on a plate, with chopsticks, in a required African restaurant, in a small slum. How Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto, Liana Dimitrova, Veselin Damyanov – Ves, Evgeni Vatsov | FINGAH, arch. Vasko Kashukeev interprets the topic URBAN CULTURE in our new auction. More about the new topic see here.

Viewing days start from 24th of June. Auction starts on 27th of June until 11th of July

VIEWING DAYS – from 24.06. the virtual gallery is open. Take a closer look at the pictures, add the ones you want to bid on to your watch list. You can buy some of the offered works before the bidding at a special price.

Bid for the artworks from 27.06. to 11.07.2021. In the Auction all prices are in BGN (лв.) 1 EURO is approx. 2 BGN