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Boris Gorinov in the world of miniatures

The Bulgarian artist-painter, with one of the largest collections of miniatures in Europe, will be presented online on the platform for Bulgarian and world art 5new until mid-December.

#MiniaturesArtCollection for PURCHASE VIA DIRECT ORDER

Boris Gorinov is a humble Bulgarian artist who was not well known during his life time. Living in Communist and Post communist Bulgaria was no picnic, but he dedicated his life to his craft, his family and being a beloved art teacher. He had regular exhibitions during his active years between 1950 and 1990. Boris left a legacy to his family – an art collection of more than one thousand miniatures. His remarkable technique is well recognized by the curators with the specific level of depth in the miniatures, the color use and the variety of canvas materials.

All of Boris’s art works are part of the collection of his granddaughter, Amy Gorin Chapman, of which nine artworks have been provided for the curator’s depot.

Learn more about Boris Gorinov’s life and history here


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