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Partners & Supporters

Media Partners

Cash.bg is an independent media working in support of business
CafeArte.bg is online magazine for art, culture and lifestyle.
Kafene.bg is a website for art, culture and leisure

Regional partners

What is a regional partners? The team of 5new believes in the concept of art for everyone. That is why we want to make art as accessible as possible. To achieve this goal we collaborate with various business spots where we can present the artwork of our top artists. The artworks are exclusive for the each space and can not be seen anywhere else. What other benefits you get from our services you can check here.
You can become our regional partner in any time. Send us your proposal on partners [at] 5new.org

Bulgaria, Sofia.

Тhe greenest co-working and event space in Sofia. Enormous terrace, wide areas and cozy zones are only part of the good sides here.

Bulgaria, Plovdiv
Place for good meetings and meaningful discussions.
Bulgaria, Ruse

Regional History Museum, Ruse is holding and showing an amazing heritage collection in the heart of lovely city Ruse.

Belgium, Herentals

Art Center Hugo Voeten behold one of the biggest and well presented collections of Bulgarian contemporary art and astonishing sculpture part with monumental art works from Bulgaria in Geel, Belgium.

5new Blog & Podcast Support

If you wish to support our educational art project you can do it by providing us with technical, material, financial donation, media coverage, subscription to our website and our Social media (which you will find in the footer of this page) or even by loving us and crossing your finger for our success. We will always appreciate it and we will love you back!

Institutional Partners

The project is implemented with the support of the National Fund “Culture” under the program “Creative Initiatives”.

Believers in art

Youth and Adults Life Long Learning – Grow and learn with us.
A freelance interior designer/stylist who helps you translate your living dreams into concrete plans for your interior.