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Alain de Vatto

Alain de Vatto is a Dutch artist of French descent. She inherited her love of art from her grandmother and father as a little girl in the French province. The colors that Alain boldly mixes, combined with the lavish explosion of imagination, build her specific technique, inspired by the freedom of childhood. Alain graduated in Psychology in the Netherlands, but never worked in her specialty. She chooses to indulge in her true passion – art, since 10 years ago. As a freelance artist, she travels a lot and is always looking for new places for her artistic perspective. These searches took her to small villages in India, Japan, New Zealand. Her latest collection of impressions was accumulated just before the start of the pandemic in Venezuela. Alain paints not only with her brush, but also with words. In addition to her paintings, she is popular with travelogues, poems and short stories, which she publishes in her own blog, read by over 4,000 followers.

There are always a lot of colors and mood in Alain de Vato’s paintings, with a scent of wild wildflowers and young wine.

Works in Auctions:

Small Work – February 2021

Presenting art works: Collection “French Garden” (25×25) and “Blue Morning” (13×13), acryl, 2020