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Boris Gorinov (1915 – 1998)

Boris Gorinov (BG, USA) is a Bulgarian artist and painter, he was born on 28 june 1915, in Pazardzhik. Boris grew up in the family of the artist Ivan Gurinov – painter, portraitist, who lived from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. Boris’s father was and is one of the students in the first graduating class of the National Academy of Arts (at that time the State School of Painting). It is part of the Native Art movement that developed at the beginning of the 20th century. From his father, Boris Gorinov picked up his love for colors and his sense of color, composition and perspective.

The works of Boris Gorinov are distinguished by characteristic everyday literalistic plots, but at the same time with metaphorical messages. Among the preserved works are images of landscape views from the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and from the family villa in Sinemorets, food products and vegetables, random portraits of remembered faces, cacti from Arizona, painted after his visit to America with his son Kras Gorin.

Boris Gorinov is known for making miniatures, including on a very small area – no more than 3 sq. cm. His collection includes works similar to the size of a postage stamp. His miniatures are distinguished by great depth and accuracy. The characteristic of his work is that, despite their small size, the works allow and even require to be viewed from afar in order to perceive the overall picture of the landscape and the complex composition. These are big plots brought in on a very small scale. Boris himself as an artist creates completely freed from the trends of the time in which he developed as an artist. His approach is innovative. He paints with a spatula and oil paints on various flat surfaces. For canvas he uses from wooden boards to cardboard and cheesecloth.

Like his wife, Yova Raevska, Boris retains the independent character of an artist temporarily caught in a totalitarian regime. He strives to express his freedom in his works through an innovative look and a more modern approach. This is also evident from the fact that they remain highly relevant to this day. After graduating from the Academy, Boris became a drawing teacher and remained connected to his students for the rest of his life. His relatives describe him as a down-to-earth, naturally connected and spiritual person.

Boris Gorinov’s miniatures art collection is now managed by his granddaughter Amy Gorin Chapmen (USA, BG)

Boris Gorinov, Spring, oil paint, undated / creative period 1960 - 1980 /, 10x10 cm Boris Gorinov, View, acrylic, undated / creative period 1960 - 1980 /, 10x11 cm Boris Gorinov, Sinemoretz, acrylic, undated / creative period 1960 - 1980 /, 30x30 cm Boris Gorinov, The Balkans, acrylic, undated / creative period 1960 - 1980 /, 15x21 cm

Boris Gorinov, Vegitables, acrylic, undated / creative period 1960 - 1980 /, 30x30 cm Boris Gorinov, Arizona landscape, acrylic, undated / creative period 1960 - 1980 /, 30x30 cm Boris Gorinov, Sozopolis, acrylic, undated / creative period 1960 - 1980 /, 30x30 cm Boris Gorinov, Rays, oil paint, undated / creative period 1960 - 1980 /, 9x13 cm

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