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Iliyana Kancheva

Iliyana Kancheva lives and works in Sofia. In 2010 she graduated in Stage Design(BA) and in 2014 in Digital Arts(MA) at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. Iliyana works in the field of theatre as well as photography, video and installation. In 2013-2014 her experimental films were selected for various festivals in Varna, Plovdiv, Serbia, Greece, Belgium and Germany. November 2015 her first solo exhibition, “Image Don’t Cost a Thing”, opened at The Fridge Gallery in Sofia. At the JustMAD8 Art Fair, Madrid, February 2017, she won the “Art Residency Prize” at Arts Connection Foundation in Miami, USA, of the call “justTECH 2017”. In February 2019 she participated in the group exhibition “EX5” in Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid. In March 2019 her second solo exhibition, “Interviews from Miami: a dictionary”, opened at 0GMS Gallery, Sofia. In July 2019 Iliyana was invited to participate in the group project “Sense of a City” – intervention in public space, organized by Bulgarian Fund for Women and curated by The Frigde. The project was part of the programme of Plovdiv 2019 – European Capital of Culture.




Project Interviews from Miami: a dictionary by Iliyana Kancheva, 2019, artist’s book, video art & audio documentary

– Image: Iliyana Kancheva website, archive (https://creationbydestruction.com/)

– The installation during the group exhibition “EX5”, February 2019 in Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid
– The work during DA FEST[7] – International Festival for Digital Art, Sofia, 22-26 October 2019

About this art work

In terms of its artistic presentation, “Interviews from Miami: a dictionary” consists of three elements.
The first element is the audio recording of the interviews. The audio is played on a smartphone, with English subtitles running on its display. The full volume of collected conversations is 90 minutes long. Conversations were downloaded using software specially developed by the author, based on the Open Frameworks open source environment. The key words for each interview were also extracted through this software.
The extracted text is formed in a dictionary – a book body consisting of 320 pages, hard covers, with a size of 18:23 cm. The dictionary can be read, viewed, leafed through, like any other printed object. The textual content in it is presented in three languages and the translation from one language to the other is done through the mechanical translation platform of Google Translate. The interviewee’s language is the guide for each of the four interviews, and translation via the Google Translate page is for the other two languages. The layout also includes color and black and white illustrations.
In addition to them, the third element was brought in – a small 10.1” video screen, on which Iliyana shows her filmed views of Miami, which recreate the atmosphere of the place. The sound from them is authentic, expressed in side noises and wind, complementing the picture of the context itself.

More detailed curatorial text by Petya Chalakova about the story behind this art piece you can find here (available only in BG).

The installation “Interviews from Miami: a dictionary” was presented at “EX 5” – five years of electronic and experimental art, February/March, 2019, Cultural Center Galileo, Madrid and at 0GMS – cabinet at SGHH, with curator Daniela Radeva, March/April 2019, in October it will also be available for visitors to DA Fest ’19, at the National Academy of Arts.

The price for the full copy from the series with the extension files (hard copy book, video art, audio file, certificate for authentication, memory gift) – 120 BNG / 60 euro.


Project Out of season by Iliyana Kancheva, 2020 – 2022, photo book & video art


Image: Photo book “OUT OF SEASON”, idea, photographs: Iliyana Kancheva, Design: Ralitsa Georgieva, archive by the artist

About this art work

Тhe photo-book “OUT OF SEASON”, created by the visual artist Iliyana Kancheva. It gathers a collection of photographs capturing the absurd landscapes of Sunny Beach resort in its unusual state – deserted and lonely, out of season.

“I walk through the deserted streets, there is no one. Only remnants of human presence are visible, neatly wrapped in stretch film and put away for the next season. The trash cans are empty too and the gulls are not busy scattering ice cream buckets around, they fly peacefully above me. No sound excepts from the birds and the wind. Nature can still be heard somewhere in the distance, but it’s barely visible beyond the fences, clipped and blended into a narrow band around the pool, under the plastic chaise-longue”

The sea is barely visible in the pictures in “Out of Season”, it is there in only three pictures. This is because the author has her back to it while photographing the highlights of human absence.

The Artist’s book is connected to a video with borrowed text from an advertisement movie about Sunny Beach from 1977. The text was translated by the artist and voice generated by a bot. In the very strong contrast with this commercial, the video is showing one empty not only from people attention but also from sense and meaning humanized area, that is simply existing for the pleasure of its visitors.
As juxtapose of this is the nature surroundings, calming, speaking to the artist and showing the best side of this natural area when it is off season.

The project is a supplement and somewhat a continuation of the works already presented by Iliyana Kancheva in her exhibition Party Animal. A quick reminder of the 5 selected works presented last year on our website you can find here with the curatorial text by Petya Chalakova.

The price for the full copy from the series with the extension files (hard copy book, video art, certificate for authentication, memory gift) – 100 BNG / 50 euro.

You can also combine the art pieces with the other artworks from the exhibition Party Animals NOW ON SEASONAL SALE – 50%.
– All the art works from the collection Party Animals (see below): series 1/10, photo print, 2021, 25×25 cm, framed, print on textile, 160×80 cm, price 75 (with image from the collection by customer choice).


Works in Auctions:

THE SECRETS – May 20th / June 6th 2021

Presenting art works: Series Party Animals was created in 2021. We pick 5 out of 12 pieces: Party Animals – Glarus Bar; Casino; Guava Beach Club; Untitled; Cacao Beach The collection includes print on textile (a beach towel), mixed technique, photo print with a frame. More about the series you can find here.