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Ina Vassileva

Ina Vassileva was born in Yambol in 1981. She graduated from the National Academy of Arts in 2005 with major Textile and in 2010 became MA in Fashion and in 2017 was awarded a PH Degree in Visual Arts at the Fashion Department of the Art Academy. She has scientific publications in the dissertation thesis “Architectural Principles In the Conceptual Fashion Design and the Dress As an Art Object. From the end of the 20th and the Beginning of the 21st century”. During the period she has won a series of awards in this sphere.

In fashion Ina is interested in its relationship with contemporary art and in 2007 she was invited to the First International Festival of Contemporary Art in Moscow at the Manege. In 2012 she had her first solo exhibition in Sofia at the independent exhibition space “The Fridge”. In 2013 she gave a Fashion Video Performance “A Dress Can Form a Reality” in Bulgaria Mall. In 2014 again she featured a Fashion Performance called “Photoshootat the then” in Antrakt Gallery in Sofia. Some more fashion performances in alternative spaces ensued, where Ina explored the relationship between fashion and contemporary art.

Here some words from the curator Martina Stefanova regarding the project Soft:
“Ina Trifonova’s project ‘Soft’ is an original feminine look at contemporary consumer society in which like a reflex of the working and professional environment we set ourselves barriers under the pressure of social criteria and expectations, follow the clichéd understanding of successful life and personal growth.”

Since 2018 Ina Vassileva share together with Yonko Vassilev the artistic project YO\KO+INA where аlong with monotypes, handprints, and canvas’s surface changes the artistic duo uses colorful techniques on three-dimensional constructed objects representing painting which leaves the canvas space.


See more works by Ina Vassileva from the latest exhibition by YO\KO+INA  with OBJECTS AND OBJECTIVE PAINTING 2021 и YES 2022 

Images from the exhibition Soft, with curator Martina Stefanova  (artist’s archive)