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Liana Dimitrova

Liana Dimitrova is born in Varna in 1981. She graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2003, majoring in Book and Print Design and Illustration. She has 4 solo exhibitions and numerous participations in group exhibitions of contemporary art and festivals across Europe, North America and Asia. She has lived and worked in Africa and Canada as well Liana has specialized in Perugia – Italy, Cuenca – Spain and Toronto – Canada. Currently, she works in Sofia as a art director and designer of numerous projects.

Her series of artworks are strongly focused on the idea of the RECYCLE. Se had a solo exhibition dedicated to this topic in RECYCLE YOURSELF.

How to recycle ourselves, when we are so burn-out, How to get rid of the mental block? How to get rid of the labels? How to throw away the unnecessary ballast, to get the right inner balance? Recycle the waste, to create a core again … Game of words, game of meanings. Cycle – Recycle – Loop – Purification – Communion. Let’s crush our live, throw it into the waste bin, then pull it out, smooth it, assemble it, rediscover it – RECYCLE it. Nowadays it’s so fancy to live bio, to be organic, to recycle, to be vegetarians, vegans, and aliens. To be organic and to recycle is to be cool today, something like a new kind of religion. But have we ever tried to recycle ourselves? To throw out the dirtiness, the poison, the toxic out of our soul, brain and body. And yet to leave the bright, powerful, positive part of us. To experience a self guided reincarnation. The aggressiveness and dynamicity of everyday life in which we do not even have the need anymore to stop for a sec and ask ourselves “Hey, Heart of mine, how are you today”. The attention that we have to pay to our basic everyday needs, to be so vigilant of the consumption of our basic food, confuses us so much, that we start to label everything, even ourselves. We are walking labels. Organic labels. To turn back to our roots. Is that possible? The shock of the “new time”, the scandal of the everyday life, and the loss of the personality are a symbol of another reality. A reality that lacks tolerance for ourselves. How do we survive in the dynamics of this new kind of reality. How often do we turn inward to ourselves, seeking, re-discovering, where from, so invincible the environment is trying to keep us away.
Recycle is an “appeal to ourselves”.

Another remarkable topic that caught the attention of the artists is RE DIRECTION a series of “acrylic drawings”.

“Defined as “drawings” probably for several reasons – because of the paper base, because of their research beginnings, they are well-measured sketches for format, because of the broadcast and the messages – the works are abstractly painted with light modern techniques. The mixing of types of water-based paints with different intensity and color are framed and interrupted by dense rasters and monolithic fascicles, here and there a figurine or recognizable detail unfolds as energetic but balanced content the full power of different scales formats – from 50×70 cm. up to 5-6 sq.m. A number of “defects” or influences of applied design in contemporary visual culture and aesthetic perception are “redirected” (from the title RE DIRECT) to a spectacular game with “design” – a composition of non-figurative painting in various formats and with a huge range of effects. In addition to the activation of color, the compositions impress with ease, which could not be a consequence of casual talent, but the result of a conscious and controlled reduction process. In the text of her exhibition, Liana writes: RE DIRECTION… expresses the search, finding, wandering, wandering… There are different roads and directions that we can go and that will take us somewhere. The choice of countries, continents and cities to settle, requires solutions to the issues before us, the author writes, probably alluding to the conditional nature of choices in front of a person, the conditional nature of composition in abstract attempts to master space or poetics of color as an expression of energy and direction, but also as confident compositional and color control.”

Yovo Panchev

There are no ready answers in Liana’s works. There is a philosophical-artistic exploration in highly expressive paintings. As a contemporary visual artist, its essence lies in the bold movement, the discovery of new forms of expression that cross the usual boundaries.

Works in Auctions:

URBAN CULTURE – June 24th / July 11th 2021

Presenting art works: Direction, 2020; Here I come, 2014; Don’t leave me, 2017; Should I go out, 2020; Autoportrait, 2019