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Liesbeth Godrie

Lisbeth Gordie is an interdisciplinary artist. She completed her bachelor degree in Fashion Design and started her career as an all-round stylist. But the passion for colors and patterns made her switch into working with fabrics and materials. It’s the ongoing search for different ways to present the tactile materials, that lighted up her passion for working in this kind of way. She likes to mix fabrics and materials, go outside the box and make bold or even large scale projects out of textiles, paper, metal, wood and other materials.
The materials find their way in a new dimension, which makes it unique, where in the beginning produced in series. In the last few years, Liesbeth Godrie developed herself as a teacher in visual arts. Working from her studio in Breda, the creations became more autonomous. And while working with ropes and jute, the art found its way into sculptural forms.

She’s always on the hunt for new ways to recycle materials. It’s one of the reasons behind her new work. With the thin and colorful elements of used and old yarn, she brought them back alive in a new way. She processes the yarn as an embroidery, fabric or as a knit. It’s like painting with the yarn, coming outside the lines and make it all left to chance. The destination of the yarn depends. Sometimes it ends up on wallpaper or with hanging ropes that seem to conceal something. Other times it finds it’s way into glued wires that all together become a transparent fabric.

Lisbeth Gordie is one of the participants in the project #Art_In_Context in which 5new is partnering together with the interior designer Femke Baten in collaboration with the curator Petya Chalakova , supported by the Municipality of Breda (NL). The full story behind the project you can see here and here

Specially selected artworks from Liesbeth Gordie’s atelier for 5 new

Series: Patterns – I, II, III – 2021, mixed technique, textile and acrylic paint on canvas, size 54×74, wooden stretch box frame, ready to hang
Price: €400 (per piece) | Price triptych: €1 050

Series: Flowers thread – I, II, III  – 2022, mixed technique, cotton thread and acrylic paint, size 71×101, framed in aluminum silver with museum glass, ready to hang.
Price: €950 (per piece) | Price triptych: €2 700


You can purchase her works directly via online order with our chat on WhatsApp and Messenger.