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Philip Vencken

Philip Vencken, born in 1950 in Singapore, studied architecture and urban design at the AAI in Dublin, Ireland and at the TU, Delft, The Netherlands. He received a scholarship to visit the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France, to study and develop his passion for painting and drawing. He has worked as an architect and painter in Dublin, London, Paris and Rotterdam. During the years, Philip has developed, along side his international architectural career, a career as a painter. At first, early on in his career, as a private passion, which would act as a catalyst for his architecture. More recently and more independently from his architectural work, he is working on an wide oeuvre of mixed technique and oil paintings, which allows him to bring his ideas on dynamics, balance, proportion and harmony together. The subject matter of his paintings, landscapes, nudes, portraits, abstracts, is secondary to the challenge to create something, which at the same time is dynamic and rough, harmonious and serene and in which color and form play a dominant role. It is a constant search to discover the boundaries in which he can express his thoughts. Painting has always been a strong driving force for him to develop his ideas and feed his creativity. Because of his varied background and many travels, he accumulated, throughout his life a rich portfolio of impressions, which he expresses in his architecture and art. Alongside his current architectural projects, he has been given the opportunity to exhibit his art work and sell his paintings to a wider public. Exhibitions have been held in The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, England and France. As an artist he can maintain his freedom and his constraints are only the limits of his own mind. That particular freedom of mind is of benefit to his work as an architect.

Philip will always undertake to bring the several disciplines together in order to create a multi-disciplinarily and integrated design approach to the needs of modern day society. In order to do so he shares his talent, knowledge and experience with others in the hope that this example will stimulate others to take a broad and progressive view of our sustainable environment.


Works in Auctions:

ILLUMINATING (colorN13-0647) – start on 22nd of April 2021

Presenting art works: (2020) series Composition 1 & 2, 60 x 46 cm, mixed technique of collage and Indian inkt; Composition 3, mixed technique; Nude, 60 x 46 cm, acryl and collage; Landscape, 60 x 46 cm, Mixed technique of collage and Indian inkt.