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Rada Yakova

Rada Yakova presents in her paintings the inner complexity of the modern world. Her art has the power to destroy the box in which we are comfortably accommodated. The focus in Rada Yakova’s works is on manifesting identity through the expression of the conflicts in which modern personalities find themselves. The constant transition from one society to another, from one system of relations to another, the clash between East and West from the recent past, dictate the projections in her works, which mix joy, guilt, longing. The life and artistic experience of the artist has been accumulated over the years of work in an international context. After the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Rada Yakova moved to The Hague, where she still works. This does not stop her from finding inspiration in her home context, where she continues to participate in a number of joint and solo exhibitions.

In Rada’s works everything is personal. They are above all an expression of her desire to celebrate – freely and unhindered. This celebration of the spirit is always in conflict with the conditions of pressure to comply with the norms and rules of the family, the local community and society as a whole, imposed from outside and by ourselves.


Works in Auctions:

Black & White – January 2021

with series 2020: Undress 

! sold out 


Illumination – April, 2021

with series 2021: Summer girl (sold); Dune (sold); Wave; Yellow; Untitled

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