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SILVIYAR (Silviya Radeva) is a London-based artist. She holds a Master Degree in Graphic Art and Printmaking from the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria and BA Hons of Fine Art, Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy. She has exhibited in the UK, Italy, Bulgaria, France, and the USA, including exhibitions at the Bulgarian Embassy in London, the Art Institute of Chicago and Centre Culturel Bulgare, Paris.

In her practice, Silviyar is intrigued with combining different mediums and materials. Her body of work consists of two and three-dimensional artworks ranging from prints, paintings and drawings to sculptures and mini-objects.
In the past few years, she has been predominantly working on reclaimed wood. She is particularly fascinated with old, distressed wooden beams which she collects from the streets of London, then cuts and paints on them. Observing their cracks, stains, holes and scratches the artist incorporates these ‘imperfections’ into her work breathing new life into them.

Memory, mortality, love and loss are her main subjects. She explores vastly the matters of the heart playing with symbolic elements and hidden messages. There is a strong presence of personal experiences. In her work, Silviyar projects a collection of fragments of conscious and subconscious images. The way she works is very spontaneous and meditative – most of the time everything happens in one go. Often the narrative unfolds over a few artworks (series) linked by key elements.

Works in Auctions:

Small Work – February 2021

Presenting art works: Black Angel, Down Flower, Midnight Lotus, Flaming Flower, Star Sea, (7x5x4.5cm and  9x15x1.5cm), acrylic on reclaimed wood, 2019