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Vasko Kashukeev

Architect Vasko Kashukeev is an artist at heart. He paints as he designs and designs as he paints. A poet, a bohemian, a scholar, he is one of those renaissances, encyclopedic personalities who are already disappearing. In an age of speed and sterility, he again directs the spotlight on something seemingly forgotten – beauty. The beauty of the line, the beauty of the light shade and of course the female beauty. In his paintings, movement is the frontal attack, and eroticism is the Trojan horse. The works of Vasko Kashukeev attract the eye from 50 meters, but they are also pleasant for a long and careful look. The various techniques used are only a means of revealing all the same categories – flight, movement, elegance. These works are created as if in a game and represent the art of the game. They are something you haven’t seen recently and you certainly won’t forget quickly. But the most valuable thing in these paintings is that no matter how much pleasure they give to you, the viewers, while painting them, the author had much more fun.
Architect Vasko Kashukeev

Among the astonishing academic career which architect Kashukeev is enjoying for nearly 30 years, he has numerous of awards and recognitions for his art works. Architect of the Year – 2009, Participation and nominations for the Jubilee National Exhibition of UBA – 45 years with three the project and one realization 6 projects with one realization, 2010; Metrological Center in Sofia – National 2009; Architectural competition – First Prize, Two solo exhibitions – Painting, Collage and Mixed media in the exhibition hall Interpred, Sofia 2015. Report to the international scientific conference 75 years of UACEG – “Sofia and high-rise buildings, planning challenges”. Together with his individual and collaborative projects he has achieved high level of local and international acknowledgment.



Works in Auctions:

URBAN CULTURE – June 24th / July 11th 2021

Presenting art works: the series from 2015, collage, alluminium frame, glass includes the artworks Romantic blonde cutting ravioli, Lonely nymph studying sexology, Rudimental Ecologists’ Encyclopedia, Tender nymph doesn’t care about Nebrasca, Barefoot poacher beating barracudas