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YO\KO+INA is an artistic duo, represented by the artists Yonko Vassilev and Ina Trifonova. Both have their own prior history and trajectory of development on their way towards art but in 2018 they gather as partners in life and art.

Furthermore, the project is an original attempt to overcome the gravity of the local and the predetermined visualizations and beliefs in an art defined by geographies. The influences and conceptualization of color in visual arts, the technological aspects of the object as a form of contemporary art, the incorporation of technologies such as LED lighting, kinetic movement of objects and the use of painting as a basis for art are an unusual drive for both artists.

Concepts and themes, based on the relationships between man and woman, love juxtaposed with daily chores and existence as a play of visual codes are all brought out to a sign and a symbol, combined with contemporary pop art and minimalist stylistics.


Selection  – exhibition “YES”, 2022

Selection – exhibition „OBJECTS AND OBJECTIVE PAINTING“, 2021




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