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YO\KO+INA – SELECTION for direct purchase

In this selection you will find YO\KO+INA ‘s (Yonko Vassilev and Ina Vassileva) artworks from their exhibitions “YES”, 2022 and „OBJECTS AND OBJECTIVE PAINTING“, 2021 ready for online purchase in July and August. Don’t miss the chance to get an art piece that will shake up your days for good.

“YES”, 2022


Ceci n’est pas une exposition is a concept for a specially selected artworks for direct purchase that were displayed on exhibitions in our country and around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. The concept was developed in order to emphasize the indomitable spirit of art and the positivism of artists in difficult times.

For requests, prices or direct purchase of the artworks, please use the online shop, the contact form, or the chat on WhatsApp and Messenger.
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